Freedom from

Excessive Sweating

Alleviating the Suffering of 84 Million Americans

One-third of adults in the US believe they sweat too much

15 million sweat so much, they have a condition called hyperhidrosis

For these millions, treatment options are extremely limited


Our goal at Candesant is to significantly reduce their sweating and improve their quality of life

Excessive Sweating Impacts

Everyday Life


So Much More Than Embarrassing

Excessive sweating isn't just embarrassing; it affects a person’s entire life. It impacts their confidence at work, the clothes they wear, even their social lives. For the 5% of the population who have hyperhidrosis - a medical condition where the body produces more sweat than necessary to cool the body - even tasks as simple as using a smart phone become difficult.

Our Solution: Dramatic Sweat Reduction for at least 6 Weeks

We have developed CDX-101, an innovative, topical treatment to reduce sweating.  Our procedure is designed to be simple and straightforward - it is administered in a physician’s office and takes less than 15 minutes.

The CDX-101 technology is based on the principle that alkali metals in contact with water generate energy. Our insight was that when the amounts of metal and water are controlled, the result is a targeted delivery of energy exactly at the site of the water. In this case, our device is designed to target and inactivate the most active sweat glands.


Experienced Team with a Proven Track Record

Candesant brings together innovators  and entrepreneurs from the commercial, scientific and medical disciplines with deep expertise in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. 

Niquette Hunt, CEO, has over twenty-five years’ experience in developing, launching and commercializing 20+ products across multiple verticals in the consumer medicine market. Every business she managed increased sales, profits and/or market share. Before founding Candesant, Ms. Hunt charted the commercial strategy at Revance Therapeutics and helped raise over $250 million in the 2014 IPO and follow-on financing. 

Jacob Waugh, MD, Chief Scientific Officer, is a pioneer in in-vivo tissue engineering and was the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Revance Therapeutics where he developed the first clinically proven topical delivery system for botulinum toxin. Dr. Waugh is a prolific inventor with 40 issued patents and over 400 pending in the US and worldwide. 

Michael Kane, MD, Chief Medical Officer, is an entrepreneur and practicing plastic surgeon in New York City. He has two issued patents and has authored 100+ peer-reviewed publications. He is an advisor to major aesthetics companies including Allergan, Galderma, and Merz.


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    Limited Treatment Options

    There are relatively few treatment options available and most have unacceptable trade-offs. So, most consumers have to adjust their lifestyles to cope.

    • Topical antiperspirants need to be used daily, and they often don’t work well enough for these consumers

    • Oral medications need to be used daily and cause side effects, including dry eye and dry mouth

    • Injectable treatments require up to 30 injections in the underarms or up to 50 in the hands or feet

    • Invasive surgical or energy device procedures: 

      • require general or local anesthesia

      • are very painful 

      • have significant down time

    • Unlike our product (CDX-101), other energy devices have a high barrier to entry for healthcare providers due to capital costs

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